Aching groans from Dravanian Hinterlands!

“Why is climbing so hard!”

Fun screenshot with Avwalya while waiting for our Alexander queue to pop!


Since it’s the last free day on Tumblr, this is a kind reminder that Wordpress is a thing!

So my wordpress link is here, which you should take a look and see if it’s something you’d want. It has a tumblr importer, and can be linked to your Tumblr and Twitter to automatically post on both, so if you post to both regularly, it’ll make that easier! If you are signing up for wordpress and have questions about how I set mine up, such as themes and what not, just leave me a comment (on my WordPress blog, my tumblr blog is in the line of fire) and I’ll be glad to help how I can!

When I got something in my sights…”

“I won’t hesitate to take the shot!”

Not that she’ll hit! Kiki’s been trying her hand at machinist, a way for her to learn to defend herself and maybe others (if she doesn’t accidentally shoot them instead) without the life-time dedication or super-student learning required to pick up a discipline.

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